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 Puppetry Workshops

 Each workshop teaches students the basic skills of puppet making and storytelling using engaging materials and simple techniques

 Workshops Also:

bullet Create an imaginative and entertaining environment for children to work together


bullet Provide visual learning tools through the use of puppets


bullet Explore the development and creative process through puppet making and design


bullet Build problem-solving skills through the telling of stories with puppets


bullet Provide a sense of accomplishment for each child involved


 Let's Put on a Puppet Show! 

 This magical workshop introduces students to the wonderful world of puppets teaching them the basic skills of puppet making and storytelling. After hearing a story, participants create a simple puppet. Then, they are encouraged to participate in telling the story and add their puppet to the performance.  

The puppets and storytelling elements allow students to explore their imaginations, creativity, language skills, hand/eye coordination, memory recall, self-esteem, and performance talents.  In this group environment, they also learn to listen and share ideas.   

Age of participants:
  JK to Grade 4 (Ages 4 to 9) 

Number of students: 24 maximum

 Length of workshop: Three hours


Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are introduced to the participants using storytelling with shadow figures. They see how shadow puppets are made and how the shadows are cast. Then, they build a story from their ideas and create a shadow puppet to add to the story. A performance will be presented at the end of the workshop.

 The puppets are used in small groups around a shadow screen.

 Age of participants:  Grade 2 to Grade 10 (Ages 7 to 15)

 Number of students: 24 maximum

 Length of workshop: Three hours


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