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 Puppet Shows

 Puppet shows are unique, engaging and tell detailed stories that help teach children some of the     most important life lessons. But most importantly – they’re FUN!

The Spider Prince

 Prince Harry, who discovers Mizard the Wizard's greediness for the king's gold, is transformed into a spider and depends on Princess Margaret and the children in the audience to save him.

 Team building, family values and self-confidence are the main focus in this story.

-This show is interactive and performed with four marionette (string) puppets and a few surprises. It is 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions. 

 The Loathsome Dragon

 A king and his lovely daughter are very close. Then, the King falls in love with a beautiful but wicked enchantress who, in a jealous rage, turns the princess into a dragon. A good wizard saves the princess and the enchantress learns that the price of greed is not worth losing out on having a family.

This is a tale of familial devotion.

 -Performed with five marionette puppets, this show is 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions.

Why the Sea is Salt

 Two brothers (one rich and one poor) learn valuable lessons about jealousy, greed, family and sharing. It is a tale of how a poor brother becomes rich because of a good heart and how a rich brother’s greed ends up costing him his life all because of a magic mill.

 This story is simple and delightful with a powerful message.

 -This show uses hand and rod puppets. It is 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions.  

Dandy Lion

 Dandy Lion, who should be king, was born with dandelions in his mane. But, he refuses to be bullied by the other jungle animals because he is different. Even when they laugh and ask how he can be king with dandelions in his hair, Dandy Lion finds a way to turn the unruly jungle crowd into his friends.

 This story is about winning friends, overcoming bullies with words and kindness, and being self-confident even when you feel alone and different.

 -This interactive show is performed with over 10 rod puppets. It is 50 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions.


Length of shows: 60 minutes including questions

Number of students per show: 120 maximum

Ages: JK to Grade 7 (ages 4-12)



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